Stafford High School PTSO Scholarship Application and Instruction

The Stafford PTSO is again offering a scholarship opportunity to all college and career-bound, Stafford High School graduating seniors.  Applications will be judged on the student’s GPA, leadership and community activities, a teacher/school employee evaluation, and a short essay.  Additional points can be earned for PTSO membership and service to the PTSO.

Scholarship Pathways

There are two pathways you can apply through. There is an equal amount of scholarship funds allocated to each pathway. The first is the General Pathway, and the second is the Career and Technical Education (CTE) pathway. You may only apply through one pathway.

General Pathway – Anyone can apply through this pathway. It is a general competition for scholarship awards based on academic performance, extra-curricular activities, recommendations, and an essay.

CTE Pathway – Applicants for this pathway must be pursuing a CTE Diploma Seal. The PTSO will verify with the Guidance Office that the applicant is pursuing the diploma seal.

The application is due by 11:59PM, April 6, 2024

Online Application

The scholarship application can be found at:

I. Scholarship ( 20 Points Possible)
You should get your cumulative GPA from the Guidance Office.    

II. Extracurricular, Leadership, and/or Community Activities (15 Points Possible)

Points can be earned for the extraocular school activities you participated in throughout high school. Additional points may be awarded for community activities you participated in. Leadership positions held in these activities can also receive additional points. You are limited to listing five(5) activities. Please be sure to highlight those activities you had the most impact in or that had the most impact on you.

III. PTSO Membership (5 Points Possible)
If you or your parent(s) are current members of the Stafford High School PTSO, you will receive 5 points.

IV. PTSO Service (5 Points possible)
Points can be earned for serving the PTSO. 

V. Teacher Evaluation (15 Points Possible)
Select a teacher who knows you well enough to provide an evaluation for you. In the application please indicate the teacher/staff member’s name you will be asking to provide an evaluation.

VI. Non-teacher/staff Letter of Recommendation (15 Points Possible)

Please select a member of the community, preferably a non-family member and not a teacher or SHS staff member, to write a letter of recommendation for you.

VII. Essay (25 Points Possible)
Describe how you feel your high school experience has helped you with your career goals and dreams of the future. Your essay should be typed and double-spaced. Your name should not appear on your essay. Your essay will be judged on content, grammar/neatness, and clarity of communication. Please prepare your essay in Microsoft Word or .PDF format for submission. You will be able to submit your essay on the online form application. The essay should not exceed 300 words.

Online Application

When you are ready to begin the application please visit:

If you need any assistance with issues experienced while applying email

Incomplete applications will not be considered. Applications are not considered complete until all fields of the form are completed, including attaching the essay and we have received the teacher evaluation and non-teacher recommendation. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure the evaluation and recommendation have been received. Applicants may email to check on the application status and ensure evaluations and letters have been received.